2 Free Ebooks This Weekend

Ok, I realize the irony of me posting a link to ebooks about being productive and blogging well, but a friend of mine wrote it and hey, why not start now :) If you are not following Annie Mueller you really should, she somehow manages to be a prolific writer while raising 4 small children, which should tell you she knows a thing or two about organizing and time management. I clearly do not, but aspire to improve myself. Ok I aspire to improve my household. Aspire to improve my children? We'll start small, I aspire to improve my aspirations. Yeah, we'll run with that one.

These books are only free through this weekend, and while I'm sure they are totally worth whatever she is charging, why not get them for free now? Free is free, don't try to explain it.

I should probably do some kind of disclaimer about these Amazon links, as they are my adoption agency affiliate links so anything you purchase will benefit A Gift of Hope Adoptions. So get the freebies then buy something to help the kids. 


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