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Trivia Night

OK, so this is my first post on our blog, and it has to be a plug! This Saturday night, the St. Charles Young Republicans is holding an "Are You Smarter Than a Democrat?" Trivia Night fundraiser. The details are here for you to peruse. So if anyone is in the area this Saturday, please come by and help us out. I'd really like to see this a big success!

New Stuff!

Ok, just so this is not just another layout blog post - we got a new couch and new tv! It's so nice to finally get stuff of our own that we want, rather than hand-me-downs. Don't misunderstand, I love free stuff, and it got us through the first 5 yrs of marriage, including a new house, w/o breaking the bank. We're so grateful for all of it. But we finally got new stuff! It's quite nice, perhaps I'll do a LO about it :)
OK, so here's a new LO anyway.

Another LO

Thought I'd feature Aunt Courtney this time. She is David's favorite aunt after all.