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Poor Baby

Poor David, we were up at 5:30am today (well he was, I was up at 5) to make it to the hospital by 6am to register for his frenulectomy. That's where he gets the frenulum (the little flap of skin between the tongue and lower jaw) snipped, b/c he is tongue tied. His ENT was afraid it was interfering with speech development, so snippity snip. As you can see, he was not happy to wait an hour and 15 min past his scheduled time (we got stuck behind a kid getting ear tubes), despite the nice oral sedative that made him act like a little drunk baby. You'll also notice that toddler hospital gowns are no less forgiving in the butt department, although baby butts look much cuter in them. All is well, there are no stiches and his frenulum was cut all the way through. We were home by 9:30am. Guess I better call and make that follow up app.


If some of you don't know my newest hobby, it's called digital scrapbooking, or digiscrapping for short. I've always liked the idea of scrapbooking, but couldn't stand the idea of A) cutting pictures that you may not have doubles of and possibly ruining forever and B) having loads of scrap crap just laying around. I have enough clutter to deal w/ already. But digiscrapping eliminates those things, assuming you use digital pictures, which I do. You can always open the pic as a copy and keep the original saved somewhere else. There's also the added benefit of being able to "touch up" the picture, or in my case completely change the way I look :) Digiscrapping has the added benefit of enabling my freebie addiction, and occasionally my contest addiction, as most of the digiscrap stuff I download is free. So it's a cute, cheap hobby. Can't do better than that. This layout is one I did for a contest at a digiscrap website; as you can see David was not …

Still Hate Halloween

but dang it if David doesn't look super cute in the Pooh costume Aunt Courtney got him.