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Christmas Card

Made a combo Christmas/Birth Announcement card. I haven't had much time or energy to make one yet, late pregnancy takes a lot of you!

Not Still Pregnant!

Am overjoyed to announce that I'm now moving on to the post-partum phase of pregnancy, which means there are additional annoyances (can anyone say nursing contractions?) but largely the discomforts of late pregnancy are gone, or at least gone unnoticed with the lack of sleep :) Rachelle Jane was born early Sun morning after only about 4 hrs of labor. That was unexpected but not unwelcome. She's doing great, and David gets some personal time with the grandparents, which I hear he's enjoying immensely. She is, of course, the prettiest baby ever, and we're really thrilled to finally be home. I know, you really only want to see the pics. Here you go!

Still Pregnant

Sigh. I know, my due date isn't for a couple of weeks, but as any woman who has been 9 mos pregnant will tell you, those couple of weeks (and the possibility of going past them) seem like ages to wait. So, below is my list of things that you take for granted when you're not pregnant, but seem like unattainable luxuries when you are.
Shaving your legs - seriously, you try bending over the bump. I shudder to think what L&D look like from a nurses POVBending over w/o spreading your legs to ballet's 2nd position sticking your butt up in the air like some sort of preposterous peacockWalking up stairs w/o getting winded (ok, so that sometimes happens when you're not pregnant too)Twisting at the waist to get something that is not exactly out to your sideGetting off any sort of furniture, comfortable or notSleeping through the night - that's right people, you actually get more sleep when you have a newborn than the last trimester of pregnancyWaiting longer than 5 min to…