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Reflections on my 20s

Ok, so I'm technically still in my 20s, for another year anyway. Yesterday was my 29th, and I turned 29 on the 29th in 2009, which I think is actually kinda cool, although not cool enough to make up for having the most forgettable birthday ever. Seriously, it's like pulling teeth to get people to remember my birthday or how old I am, and I'm not the type to send out an announcement about it. Luckily Matt does, as does my mom (who I'm fairly certain won't ever forget it) so I usually get at least a couple phone calls. However, this is also one of the only birthdays where I kind of feel nostalgic for my youth, which is weird for me. I don't like it when people start mourning their youth because seriously, it's not like anyone gets out of aging. It's not a good scenario if you do. Just admit to yourself you were born when you were born and deal with the side effects. But I have to say, my 20s have been pretty good to me. I graduated from college, got marr…

Looky! I prettified my blog!

Ok, I'm happy. I prettified my blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while, since I digiscrap and all I thought it was sort of a travesty to have such a boring looking blog. But I was really too lazy (or quite possibly too pressed for time) to figure out how to do it, until just now. Thanks so much to Amanda from for the tutorial and the template (seriously, look at her template and look at my background - just inserted the pretty papers and elements people) and to Heather Manning and Robin Gough for putting out their gorgeous Strawberry Mint Chip digiscrap kit for the background and header! The topper template is by Mrs. Wresh, who does great templates. Ok, I feel like I've accomplished something today. This might be it for the rest of the week.