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My Doggy Obit

Last month was rather tough for the Ehlens, we lost our beloved furbaby, Chance. It’s honestly taken me this long to write about it, because it was soooo emotional. I have lost a doggy before, but this was Matt’s first and let me tell you, it hurts. It’s amazing how pets wriggle their way (butt-wiggle, in Chance’s case) into your heart and your life. It makes the loss like that of a human family member. Those of you who are not dog people, or not pet people in general, look at me like I’m nuts and say, “It’s just a dog!” I assure you, it is never “just” a dog. I have lost a lot of family in the past year, and with Chance I can honestly say losing him was just like losing the other, human, members in many ways. Turns out it doesn’t matter what triggers the grief; if you love someone or something it is a loss no matter how you spin it. And a loss must be grieved, even if it seems ridiculous to some. Let me tell you Chance’s story; maybe it will begin to make sense.
We adopted Chance in…