Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Get the Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle Free!

I posted about this last week, but wanted to make sure I reached everyone who may be interested. Honestly hoping there is an ebook about essential oils and their use in healthy living. Maybe if there isn't I should write one for the next time huh...

These bundles come around every so often and they usually are a great value! Getting it free sounds awesome to me.

To get it free, you get an affiliate link and every time a friend signs up under your link you get rewarded, from $5 off the bundle to the whole bundle free if you have 10 or more friends sign up. So what are you waiting for? I want it free and I bet you do too.

Healthy Living Bundle

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Friday, August 29, 2014

It's My Birthday...

So I'm just going to post a few links that are important to me :) Click through, learn some things, share some information, buy some things if you feel the spirit move you. Here's to the next year with whatever it may bring.

Pregnant? Explore your options at www.agiftofhopeadoptions.com
A Gift of Hope Adoptions

Adoption Options: For Prospective Adoptive Parents http://my.bookbaby.com/book/adoptionoptions
Adoption Options: For Prospective Adoptive Parents

 Image result for doterra o imageMy doTERRA store

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review: The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck

The Misadventures of Hobart HucklebuckThe Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck by Stan Swanson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hobart and his friends live in the town of Pennywhistle, and all of a sudden things go all wonky. Enchanted household items are not performing their tasks on command, which is highly inconvenient. As Hobart determines to get to the bottom of this (what else is there to do on spring break after all) he and his friends shrink down to the size of a pixie, explore the now defunct broom factory, and cautiously befriend the local bully. Things get dicey, though, when Hobart’s grandfather is accused of causing the trouble, and Hobart becomes more determined than ever to figure out the cause.

I was a little concerned that Hobart would basically be a more alliterative knock-off of Harry Potter, but I was pleasantly surprised in the plot and characters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a book that I think better serves the tween crowd, but it is a cute, magical story about some kids fighting to clear Hobart’s grandfather’s good reputation. The characters were well-defined and the relationships realistic, just in a magical setting. All in all I think it’s a good light read for anyone who is a fan of the genre, particularly early chapter book readers who need short, engaging chunks of content.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle - and how to get it FREE!

Well this seems tailor-made for me and I bet it is for you too! I like books, so much so that I review them regularly here. I also like healthy living, or at least I like ideas on how to live healthier. Hence the weekly posts on Essential Oils and my blathering about doTerra. Combine these two and The Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle is a no-brainer, right?

Well, what you also may or may not know about it me is I like free. I coupon when I can, I enter contests, I get free samples. I clothes swap, I sell excess on Craigslist, I cook from scratch. I Ebates, I Swagbucks, I MyPoints. I do what I can, where I can, because I'm still a busy woman and my family and adoption agency are still the priority. But to combine so many of my interests all in one fell swoop?

I'll pause to do a little happy dance. No I won't subject you to it.

To sum up, if you enter your email at this link, and post your unique referral on social media you can get this ebook bundle discounted, and even free! I would like free, so hows about you all go sign up and help me out here ;)

Aside from my blatant freebie begging, this bundle sounds like an awesome deal even if you buy it. There are over 70 books included and the combined value is over $1,000, from what I hear. There are some bonuses included in some of the books as well, for even more freebie punch! I'll post more info about it when I get it, but for now go sign up for a referral link and start getting yours free too!


Shout out to Money Saving Mom, where I found out about this deal!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Educator Essential Oil CYA -What about allergies?

In case you are new, I want to encourage to read my previous essential oil post about talking to educators about EOs that includes helpful printables for those who never quite know how to bring up the topic. I know it is totally intimidating, and you may get shot down. But remember, you are trying to do what's best for your children, and it is never wrong to advocate for your children's health. Bonus - other kids in the class will likely benefit as well!

Teachers, please weigh in on strategies you think will help. One question I get a lot from teachers is, what about allergies? It's a good question, and one that is particularly paralyzing for anyone in a classroom. We have all heard the horror stories about a kid who went into anaphylactic shock because some other kid brought a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, right? 

So as per my usual, I went on a hunt for info and studies about oils and allergies. Also per my usual, I say don't be dumb about it. I always recommend a patch test before you try any new oil, and to dilute when you can. One blog post I found explains it way better than I could, so I would suggest you read the post from The Skeptical Homeopath. This is a really good basic explanation as to why essential oils rarely cause allergic breakouts, at least as long as they are pure. (If you think you are allergic to oils make sure they are not actually synthetic, or processed synthetically. This might be the real issue rather than the oil itself.) I think this is really good to show teachers particularly, since it explains exactly why they are not likely to be allergic. I think that coupled with diffusing rather than topical application should help teachers and administrators Breathe easier (HA - get it? Breathe, like the oil blend? Ok I get a little slap happy sometimes.) After all, people will burn candles and use those plug-in things just for scent, especially in a classroom full of hormonal middle schoolers who haven't quite yet gotten deodorant down. This gives you scent and health benefits, so where's the downside? Hey, maybe it will even make those middle schoolers less hormonal and more focused.

That being said, it is still entirely possible to be sensitive to certain oils, and everyone is different. I have found that my body detoxes when I use certain oils - I get little bumps between my fingers. It is probably something that needs to happen, after all unloading toxicity is only going to help me. However, it's itchy and uncomfortable, and would probably seem worse if I was a kid. Another thing to consider is most oil recommendations assumes an otherwise healthy system. If you have cancer or an autoimmune disease your reactions may vary. I have experienced this personally, as I have PCOS, and I react STRONGLY to any oil that helps balance hormones. Seriously, my body is fighting normal balance! However I am determined to beat this thing naturally, so I alter my diet, exercise when I can, and use tiny amounts of oil heavily diluted. But I will say, this has happened to me only with topical application, not diffusing. Probably I should do that more, huh.

It is important to note there is a distinct difference between an allergic reaction and a sensitivity or detox dump. The latter two are uncomfortable but not life threatening, and may actually be your body's way of getting rid of stuff that is throwing you out of wack. An allergic reaction is an immune system issue and often presents with hives, throat closing, etc. If you want to see nasty pics of allergic reactions just do a Google image search - I won't gross you out with them here. Also if it is a true detox it should get better with time and oil use, not worse like allergies, which typically escalate quickly.

So back to classrooms and trying to get your teacher on board with oil use. In my experience every school form I have had to fill out includes allergy information, so theoretically the classroom teacher knows what kids may have issues. Then it is as simple as avoiding diffusing those oils. Easy CYA. They could also send a letter to parents informing them of the use of oils in their classroom, and leave it up to the parents to protest. Parents are good at protesting, so I bet if someone really objects the teacher will hear about it ASAP. Daycares can do this too, btw. They could even make the parents sign off on it if they are really anxious. Also, as seen in the video above, more and more hospitals are starting use essential oils, and I figure if it is safe enough for a hospital it is probably safe enough for a classroom, right? Feel free to use that in a guilt-tripping capacity if you want.

Anyone have any other ideas for empowering teachers to use oils in their classrooms?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Review: Intelligent Design: Revelations

Intelligent Design:RevelationsIntelligent Design:Revelations by J. M. Erickson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What if we are not alone in the Universe, but there still exists a Creator? Historically these viewpoints seemed mutually exclusive, but a growing number of people are starting to question this assertion. Intelligent Design: Revelations explores this possibility, including some transplanted humans’ quest for knowledge on Planet X (known as Terra to the occupants) while simultaneously trying to help Earth survive impending catastrophe.

Because I find the subject fascinating, I was actually a little disappointed at the brevity of the novel. I realize it’s a huge topic, but within the confines of the story I thought there was a little more room for exploration. As it stands the novel could have a sequel but it could also stand alone as a novella. Still it raises interesting questions to ponder and I really enjoyed the read.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Approaching Educators about Essential Oils

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about telling David's teachers about our oil use. Part of this stemmed from the fact that when he started Kindergarten and I tried to send a kids vitamin in his lunch I got a call from the nurse admonishing me for sending drugs to school with my child, and informed me that if I wanted to send anything but food I had to send the original bottle and a copy of the prescription from his ped. Seriously. Over a child's multivitamin. You can send packaged products made entirely from chemicals that are a weak substitute for food, in my opinion, but not a multivitamin. But I digress.

So we when started using oils, which I readily admit appear substantially weirder than a multivitamin, and would come in an unfamiliar application such as a small bottle or homemade roller if I decided to attempt to send them to school, I was nervous to bring up the subject. Because we started using them and believing in them a little before an IEP meeting, I brought my bag'o'oils and passed them around during my explanation. While I still haven't sent oils to school, everyone at least smiled and nodded when I explained my reasons for use and why he might smell differently when he walked in. Only one teacher objected to a particular oil smell, so I told them I'd start applying that to his feet instead, and they were happy.

Did they offer to put diffusers in their classroom or ask me to do an in-service teaching on the obvious application of oils in classrooms with other kids?


Did they eagerly ask me how they could buy these magic little bottles for their own personal and so they could testify to all their friends and family?


Did they hail me as the omniscient Oil Goddess and gratefully bow to my superior wisdom and blessing?

In my head.
While they were kinda staring slack-jawed or sniffing a bottle politely while passing it around the circle and giving "knowing" glances.


I really believe that essential oils could greatly benefit classrooms. I think it isn't hard to see how a diffuser in a classroom could really help kids calm down after recess or focus during a test. But I also recognize that there is a lot of red tape when it comes to getting permission to do so. However, those of you who are educating yourself about essential oils are the point of contact, and if you see even a little interest jump on it. Offer to do an informative session for your child's teachers and the principal. Maybe even offer to present to the school board.

Since I know it's hard to even figure out where to begin, and I can always use help with writing prompts or starter paragraphs, I thought I'd offer you a little printable letter explaining oils to your educators. (I used Canva to create the printable, if you are curious about that sort of thing.) For those of you special parents - hey if our kids are special we have to be too, right? - I included a handy special needs version that also allows you to include stuff like other therapies and contact information. Even if you decide to copy the text and modify it, at least you have some language to jog your memory. Hope this helps some of you both gear up your courage to admit you use crazy hippie oils and love them, and maybe even give those of you using oils and selling them to gain a new market. After all, if they help your kid they might help another kid too, and that's really the point, isn't it?

PDF Printable

And for all you grammar nazis out there, yes, I realize I forgot a comma on the first one. I had already printed and my eyes are tired. So just go ahead and write it in, K?

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