Book Review: Banished Threads

Banished Threads by Kaylin McFarren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rachel is really hoping to get her uncle’s blessing on her upcoming nuptials to Chase Cohen, but the journey to England has been difficult. When she gets there she is treated to a fancy reception…and an art heist, that is blamed on her uncle’s wayward granddaughter by marriage. Chase is determined to win that blessing, and true to his treasure hunting roots starts sleuthing all over the countryside for answers. Will his quest leave Rachel in the kidnappers’ clutches?

Banished Threads is the third of the “Threads” series following treasure hunters Rachel and Chase both in their difficult quests and growing love. Honestly, in my opinion this is the weakest of the three. Their personal difficulties were somewhat baffling for newly engaged lovers, and it all seemed to hedge on, well she’s pregnant and hormonal. This murder/mystery storyline was also a lot more involved and therefore had a lot more holes to pick at, and while the family drama was interesting I thought it was going to play a bigger part than it actually did. As usually the story was well researched and the dialogue was engaging, I just thought this particular story felt more like filler than thriller.

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