Book Review: Daisy Chain

Daisy ChainDaisy Chain by Nancy Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when you challenge yourself to write a story based on the last line of the story you just wrote? What if you kept that up for 10 stories? Author Nancy Morgan has done just that with Daisy Chain. While some of the stories have similar elements, none of the stories are related to each other. Characters come in the form of a woman slowly losing herself, a man mourning the death of his best friend, a gambler who may be willing to part with her youth, a middle aged woman desperate for a baby, and woman recovering from a brain injury, among others.

I love academic challenges like this, and I like them even better when they are good enough to publish, and Morgan’s certainly is. While she has a distinct writing style, all of the stories are independent and hold their own as short stories - although I think some could easily be turned into novellas or even full novels. There is a spiritual element to many, and I like the unknown playing a part in the stories. I’m also impressed that she fleshed out full characters in such a short word count, and didn’t rely on an ensemble to get her point across. Interesting challenge, I hope she comes up with more ways to challenge herself and publishes them.

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