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Book Review: Mother of Darkwaters

Mother of Darkwaters: Book one of the Vessel series by Tony C. Skye
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dealing with your boyfriend’s tragic death in a car crash is one thing. Subsequently discovering that you are in line to be the mother of the antichrist as a result is something entirely irregular. Now Julianna must learn how to live with her grandparents and learn how to survive as the heir to the line of Lillith.

I loved the concept of this book; it’s interesting to consider how the AntiChrist’s mother came to be, who she is, whether she embraced her role, etc. Unfortunately the execution was really underwhelming, particularly in terms of basic grammar and editing. There were a lot of spellcheck type errors, such as the word “quite” instead of “quiet” but there were also a lot of really basic errors, such as using “I seen” instead of “I saw” and the absolute most egregious use of the word “whenever” I have read in a long time. Not only was it regularly used instead of the word “when” and ins…

Book Review: The Templar Succession

The Templar Succession by K.R. Eckert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two secret societies share one big secret and an intertwining history. Can historians and estranged lovers Paul Davenport and Sara Walsh succeed in solving a mystery where others have not only failed, but had their reputations and livelihoods ruined? Can they help Alan Kramer, Jr., clear his father’s name before meeting the same tragic end? Follow a journey that starts with Benjamin Franklin as they crisscross the globe seeking answers they have no business finding.

Both the Templars and the Masons have long been objects of scrutiny and legend, and they continue to fascinate. I loved the weaving of history throughout this novel, but found the writing a bit clunky. The dialogue was solid, but I felt the narration could probably use more editing, particularly as there were some obvious typos and grammar. Still, the story itself is interesting, and the author makes no secret of weaving together real history and fiction, which…

Book Review: Rotville

Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Subject 501 may be it. The one that demonstrates the perfect outcome of all their hard work. Now they just have to make him obedient, and fortunes will follow. But Subject 501 has other plans, and unknown friends that may just help him escape. Titus is not about to let all his hard work and the countless hours of research and experimentation go to waste all because of one subject and a couple of kids.

Rotville is an excellent post apocalyptic thriller that mixes pathogen outbreak, zombie mania, advanced neural tech and political hubris to create a compelling story of a human experiment who is able to save the innocents. There is a lot of action that is well described (although it did get a little tedious for me at the end) which enhances the story well. The plot is both easy to follow and still surprising, and I was so happy to see that the author accounted for the obvious in certain points, such as noting the necessity of mus…

Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle sale!

You know I'm an ebook junkie, hence the whole review thing. While I rarely buy ebooks if I'm not reviewing them, I do usually purchase some ebook bundles. Why? Because you get way more bang for your buck that way, and I don't have a lot of money to burn. This one is all about health and wellness, which is a topic I never stop learning more about. Interested? Click through my link and discover some of the amazing resources in this bundle! (Full disclosure, totally not my copy below, I seriously just copied and pasted. But the info is good and it will tell you a little more about the products in the bundle.)

Don’t you wish you had affordable short-cuts to make healthy living easier? Are you tired of trying to make a Whole Foods lifestyle work on a Trader Joe’s budget?
I get it. You want the best for your family. You want to raise healthy kids, have strong immune systems, be more fit and energetic, and be intentional about creating a natural home, but sometimes it just feel…
Danny Boyle and the Underland by William Graham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Danny has convinced his best friend, Chip, to explore the legend surrounding his town and find out for certain why houses keep being swallowed up by the earth. He wasn’t planning on his kid sister, Melinda, tagging along. When it turns out his crazy uncle’s old stories might have some grain of truth to them, and there are strange creatures in the caves, he has to fight for his life and that of his friends.

Danny Boyle and the Underland is a cute kid story, and feeds the imagination of middle school exploration and adventure. While the story is cute, the writing falls a little flat. The story moves a little too quickly and the character development is a bit thin. Still, it is a great read for a young reader just getting into a more in depth story, and might engage boys a bit more as an action adventure. I look forward to a little more character development as the series progresses.

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