Book Review: Mother of Darkwaters

Mother of Darkwaters: Book one of the Vessel seriesMother of Darkwaters: Book one of the Vessel series by Tony C. Skye
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dealing with your boyfriend’s tragic death in a car crash is one thing. Subsequently discovering that you are in line to be the mother of the antichrist as a result is something entirely irregular. Now Julianna must learn how to live with her grandparents and learn how to survive as the heir to the line of Lillith.

I loved the concept of this book; it’s interesting to consider how the AntiChrist’s mother came to be, who she is, whether she embraced her role, etc. Unfortunately the execution was really underwhelming, particularly in terms of basic grammar and editing. There were a lot of spellcheck type errors, such as the word “quite” instead of “quiet” but there were also a lot of really basic errors, such as using “I seen” instead of “I saw” and the absolute most egregious use of the word “whenever” I have read in a long time. Not only was it regularly used instead of the word “when” and instead of various other more appropriate transition words, but it made every single character sound like a teenage valley girl, instead of someone with a military background or a grandmother. In addition the story was way too involved and could have used a lot of editing, perhaps even breaking it up into two or more books. When I read it I felt like I was a fly on the wall of some backwards Satanic youth group. While I’m interested to see if the next few books become more sophisticated, I’m concerned that this foundation is not as solid as it needs to be to sustain a series that isn’t destined to be the book version of Manos: The Hands of Fate.

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