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Book Review: Sated

Sated by Truth Devour
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the third book by Truth Devour, Sated, heroine Talia Jacobs finds herself face to face with her childhood friend and seeming soul mate, Bodhi. He is the one she has unconsciously sought
her whole life, and he is finally within arm’s reach. He seems to recognize their bond too, until he doesn’t. Will Talia fight for their love, or regress into herself, as is her nature? Will they be able to finally, really connect, or is Talia doomed to live a life as only half of a whole?

Sated picks up immediately where Unrequited left off at the masquerade. It is pretty clear that Talia’s life is about to take a drastic turn from her previous path, and I was disappointed to see her lose her internal monologue to some degree. One of the strengths of the writing was the ability to “see” Talia work through her emotions to find herself, and while there is still quite a bit of this in Sated it is diminished, somewhat, with a lot more description of what’s …

Book Review: Remembrance Part 1: A Time for War

Anna is running. She runs from the SS and she runs from her own memories and failures. After everyone in her village was brutally murdered as she watched from the woods, including her own family, she tries to seek refuge but the Germans always catch up to her. It seems like everyone she encounters is at risk or out to report her, and she isn’t sure how long she will survive.
Remembrance is book one of the Remembrance series and introduces Anna, a Jewish girl in Poland who isn’t so sure God is actually looking out for her. She has good reason to doubt her faith, since God didn’t seem to protect her family from being murdered by Nazis, and worse He didn’t give her the strength to protect them, not even her 4 year old brother, which will haunt her for the rest of her life. It seems obvious that eventually the Nazis will catch up to her, but what she will do in the mean time to survive will make everyone reading realize how comfortable and wealthy we are. Anna is hungry, cold, hiding in p…

Book Review: Fibles

Fibles : Children's eBook by M.R. Everette
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fibles features several Christian short stories designed as fables (fable + Bible - get it!!???!?) to answer the life questions of children. Erlee Bird teaches children to make a morning and evening bedtime routine in order to be first in line for breakfast, Moonie the calf being swindled for a wooden nickel by a fast talking Billy the Buffalo, Potter the Otter learning to do his homework before playtime, and several others.

The stories were cute, and my 6 year old daughter enjoyed them, even giggling at times. She was also able to pick up on the object lesson relatively quickly. There were also some chuckles for the adults, such as Erlee “tweeting” while “online” with his friends. While the stories were cute, I would have liked more obvious Scriptural tie-ins with the stories, since it is supposed to be a fable/Bible mashup. Also, more practically, more pictures would have helped my kids attention. However, I can…

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015

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Book Review: The Sales Pro

The Sales Pro: THINK Like A Pro, ACT Like a Pro, SELL Like a Pro by Paul Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Are you considering a career in sales, struggling to understand the sales component of your current job, or just plain want to understand the techniques and tricks of sales? If so, The Sales Pro should be on your must-read list. Successful veteran salesman Paul Anderson condenses his lifetime of experience into step by step guide of how to master the art of the sale. Rather than the tired cliches of marketers, Anderson gives you easily understood instructions on how to both get in the sales mindset and achieve the actual sale.

My husband is in sales, and the instructions in this book were very similar to what he learned, and he had top notch training, unlike many who are just thrown in. If you are struggling because you were just dumped into sales, try the processes outlined here. My only complaint was the little cartoon vignettes did not really enhance the learning for me, a…