Book Review: The Sales Pro

The Sales Pro: THINK Like A Pro, ACT Like a Pro, SELL Like a ProThe Sales Pro: THINK Like A Pro, ACT Like a Pro, SELL Like a Pro by Paul Anderson
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Are you considering a career in sales, struggling to understand the sales component of your current job, or just plain want to understand the techniques and tricks of sales? If so, The Sales Pro should be on your must-read list. Successful veteran salesman Paul Anderson condenses his lifetime of experience into step by step guide of how to master the art of the sale. Rather than the tired cliches of marketers, Anderson gives you easily understood instructions on how to both get in the sales mindset and achieve the actual sale.

My husband is in sales, and the instructions in this book were very similar to what he learned, and he had top notch training, unlike many who are just thrown in. If you are struggling because you were just dumped into sales, try the processes outlined here. My only complaint was the little cartoon vignettes did not really enhance the learning for me, although that is just me - everyone learns differently. I’m sure others find them better than the text. Either way, this book will help you get a grasp on a difficult process and help you start selling and earning.

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