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I won something!

Most of you know I'm an online sweepstakes addict. It's a good thing I never got into gambling b/c my win record w/ sweeps is not good. I don't think I won any of the Bloggy giveaways (see post below) and I entered like 500 or so. But yesterday when I got home from doing a homestudy there was a big box waiting by the door. I opened it up and it was a huge box of pedicure stuff, including a Homedics foot spa! And a $50 organic cotton robe, and a whole bunch of smelly scrubs and and foot lotions. One of the scrubs had been damaged and was leaking all over the place, and attracting ants (must have been a sugar scrub!) so I got everything else out and put the box with the useless scrub by the curb for trash pickup. But still, it had to be $200 or $300 worth of stuff! Super cool. Am putting as many pics of stuff below as I can find, so you all can be jealous. This has revved up my contest entering mojo again, since the last thing I won was a cake of soap. Nice soap, but soap. N…

Bloggy Giveaways

Ok, it's time for the quarterly bloggy giveaways. I hope you all win something! I'm not hosting a giveaway or anything, I just like winning stuff so I thought I'd pass on the info. BTW, if I did win something on a blog and you're looking for my email, check under "Contributors" - Ebie, and my email is in my profile dealy. Happy winnings!

What kind of conservative?

Ok, so on the radio the other day Matt and I heard some guy who had just won a local mayoral race describe himself as a "physical Conservative" - or at least that's what it sounded like. We both did a double take, or however you do that towards a radio. Anyway, I've decided that when Matt runs for President, he's going to run as a physical conservative. Yay for physical conservatism!
(NOTE: for all you who may not realize the joke, the term he was looking for is FISCAL conservative, not physical. Fiscal conservative typically refers to a conservative who is careful with money, or at least thinks they are.)