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Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

OK, I didn't realize when I posted my last post that the next carnival was now! I won 4 things last time, but to date have only received one :( I think it's odd since I confirmed w/ 2 of the 3 things I haven't received that they were sent out, so I think maybe I'm having some sort of mail issue? Am determined to figure out what is going on, b/c I want my goodies! So anyway, if I happen to win any other contests this time, feel free to let me know by commenting here. And also, please make sure you confirm my address w/ me, as apparently there's been some strangeness before. But good luck everyone who wins, and oooh oooh pick me!

Jealous, Laurel?

Check out what I won in my latest contest! My college friend Laurel (and probably Derek too) would be so jealous, as she was a fan of all things 80's. Now this is not technically a high school flashback for me, as I was in elementary school in the 80's, not high school, but amusing to me nonetheless.
Now, this is assuming that I actually receive this product, as three of the 4 products I "won" during the last Bloggy Giveaway Carnival have not yet arrived (seriously!), those being the sports trivia book, the set of Elie Wiesel books and the Fairy Tale Jewels Princess gifts. I'm not sure if I should complain or what, as it's not like I paid for them or anything, but it's still disappointing. What's the etiquette on that sort of thing? Anybody know?

Product Review: Mineral Makeup

Ok, back during the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival (where I won 3 prizes but still have not received 2 of them gggrrrrrr) I did not win some makeup I entered to win, but Vicki Arnold of Simply Vicki offered to send me a sample of Chocolate Mint eye shadow, which I had said would likely be one of my favorites. I said I would love one and would review it on my blog too, since she was being so nice. Now I seriously doubt I get a lot of traffic, but I wanted to thank her for the generosity and support her business. So, on to the review.
I finally wore the eye shadow last night while at a fund raiser for the Republican gubernatorial candidate here in MO - Kenny Hulshof. (Yes, little plug there). Anyway, it was a very nice, way out of my price range event that featured a speech by President Bush (for real, like not via satellite or anything). We got in because Matt has connections. Anyway, I figured I really should wear makeup to this one, and since I'm not really a makeup girl this was a big …