Product Review: Mineral Makeup

Ok, back during the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival (where I won 3 prizes but still have not received 2 of them gggrrrrrr) I did not win some makeup I entered to win, but Vicki Arnold of Simply Vicki offered to send me a sample of Chocolate Mint eye shadow, which I had said would likely be one of my favorites. I said I would love one and would review it on my blog too, since she was being so nice. Now I seriously doubt I get a lot of traffic, but I wanted to thank her for the generosity and support her business. So, on to the review.
I finally wore the eye shadow last night while at a fund raiser for the Republican gubernatorial candidate here in MO - Kenny Hulshof. (Yes, little plug there). Anyway, it was a very nice, way out of my price range event that featured a speech by President Bush (for real, like not via satellite or anything). We got in because Matt has connections. Anyway, I figured I really should wear makeup to this one, and since I'm not really a makeup girl this was a big deal. So Vicki, your eye shadow saw the current President. I liked the eye shadow a lot; it went on light which I think is good because it's always easy to add more but not so easy to remove. It was a little awkward due to the sample packaging (in a tiny little ziploc type bag) but I think it wouldn't be that way if you bought some. My only slight disappointment was that I was hoping it would have a little more green in it, as the name is Chocolate Mint and the pic showed a lot of green. Maybe that was also a function of the sample bag, but it didn't ruin my evening or anything as I typically wear at least some brown eye shadow when I bother to wear it. Also, this stuff purports to be quite good for your skin - no chemicals or fillers, non-comediogenic, no petroleum, oils or dyes, etc - and is even cruelty-free (not tested on animals). So I like that stuff about it. Bottom line, it's nice makeup, and probably really nice when you wear it all the time.

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