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A Win and a Review - Pink Zebra

So I've been woefully neglectful of my blog lately; let's just say 3 kids with ear infections takes up a LOT of time. However right before Christmas I won a contest at The Peaceful Mom for a Pink Zebra warmer and sprinkles from independent distributor Cindy Rhoden. Although I don't review every time I win something, when I really like it I try to say thanks and this is one of those ways.

One of the very few ways I'm a girly girl is in my olfactory sensitivities. Translated: I like smelly goodies. And I really don't like yucky smells, although w/ 3 kids I've gotten used to diapers. Anyway, I got a cute little warmer and chose Cinnamon Spice Sprinkles - their version of tarts for a candle warmer. I've tried a lot of candle type stuff trying to make my house smell good (usually after the latest diaper bomb), but usually the stuff doesn't last long or has a really fake, plasticky smell. These really lived up to their hype. I love the smell of cinnamon, as …