A Win and a Review - Pink Zebra

So I've been woefully neglectful of my blog lately; let's just say 3 kids with ear infections takes up a LOT of time. However right before Christmas I won a contest at The Peaceful Mom for a Pink Zebra warmer and sprinkles from independent distributor Cindy Rhoden. Although I don't review every time I win something, when I really like it I try to say thanks and this is one of those ways.

One of the very few ways I'm a girly girl is in my olfactory sensitivities. Translated: I like smelly goodies. And I really don't like yucky smells, although w/ 3 kids I've gotten used to diapers. Anyway, I got a cute little warmer and chose Cinnamon Spice Sprinkles - their version of tarts for a candle warmer. I've tried a lot of candle type stuff trying to make my house smell good (usually after the latest diaper bomb), but usually the stuff doesn't last long or has a really fake, plasticky smell. These really lived up to their hype. I love the smell of cinnamon, as does Matt, and when I put these in the warmer he came home from work he started sniffing the air and smiling. This only usually happens when I've cooked some sort of meat product before he makes it home from work. He puts up w/ my girly weirdness w/ the smell dept but he genuinely likes this one, so I know it has to be pretty good. So an enthusiastic thumbs up for Cindy Rhoden at Pink Zebra and thanks to The Peaceful Mom (or random.org anyway) for choosing me! 

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