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Sigh. No new kitchen.

Matt and I were contemplating having our kitchen redone, and even had an estimate done. But it looks like it was not to be. We managed to talk down the salesmen to a monthly payment we could do, but then when the finance people came back w/ the actual price it was waaaaay off the estimate. Not cool finance people. Lost yourself an expensive sale there. It's not a huge deal, since it was kind of a dream kitchen, well at least for the tiny kitchen we have right now, but it would have been so nice. A new island, granite countertops, an undermount sink.....maybe next year. BTW, if you're wondering I didn't care so much about the granite countertops, but I did care deeply about an undermount sink, and apparently you can only do that w/ stone countertops b/c of the weight. I want easier to clean, since I dislike cleaning, and an undermount sink would do a lot to help me clean less. So no, we didn't lose the new kitchen b/c we're totally unreasonable, just slightly unreas…

More Winnings?

I won another online contest! This is serious business. I won the new American Beauty Beloved perfume. Now, much like w/ the foot stuff, do I wear perfume? No, not really. But I'm thinking that this might be the perfectly pink birthday present for my sister...