Book Review: Sated

Sated (Wantin #3)Sated by Truth Devour
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In the third book by Truth Devour, Sated, heroine Talia Jacobs finds herself face to face with her childhood friend and seeming soul mate, Bodhi. He is the one she has unconsciously sought
her whole life, and he is finally within arm’s reach. He seems to recognize their bond too, until he doesn’t. Will Talia fight for their love, or regress into herself, as is her nature? Will they be able to finally, really connect, or is Talia doomed to live a life as only half of a whole?

Sated picks up immediately where Unrequited left off at the masquerade. It is pretty clear that Talia’s life is about to take a drastic turn from her previous path, and I was disappointed to see her lose her internal monologue to some degree. One of the strengths of the writing was the ability to “see” Talia work through her emotions to find herself, and while there is still quite a bit of this in Sated it is diminished, somewhat, with a lot more description of what’s going on outside rather than inside. The external monologue felt rushed and a little flat, compared to the rich and emotional internal monologue. The addition of Bodhi, while necessary and welcome, seemed to present more of a writing challenge, as his character was not quite truly fleshed out, either with a vibrant internal monologue like Talia has, or through Talia’s discovery, which I think was the intent. However, just like the previous two books it was a good, sexy, new agey read, and I think it’s a logical path, if a little bumpy with the writing and tying up loose ends.

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