Book Review: Rotville

RotvilleRotville by Bryce Bentley Summers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Subject 501 may be it. The one that demonstrates the perfect outcome of all their hard work. Now they just have to make him obedient, and fortunes will follow. But Subject 501 has other plans, and unknown friends that may just help him escape. Titus is not about to let all his hard work and the countless hours of research and experimentation go to waste all because of one subject and a couple of kids.

Rotville is an excellent post apocalyptic thriller that mixes pathogen outbreak, zombie mania, advanced neural tech and political hubris to create a compelling story of a human experiment who is able to save the innocents. There is a lot of action that is well described (although it did get a little tedious for me at the end) which enhances the story well. The plot is both easy to follow and still surprising, and I was so happy to see that the author accounted for the obvious in certain points, such as noting the necessity of muscle memory, that somehow often get overlooked in other psych thrillers. Rotville is a smart, engaging read and while some of the carnage descriptions might be a little too graphic for the younger set I really think the story is well done.

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