Book Review: The Templar Succession

The Templar SuccessionThe Templar Succession by K.R. Eckert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two secret societies share one big secret and an intertwining history. Can historians and estranged lovers Paul Davenport and Sara Walsh succeed in solving a mystery where others have not only failed, but had their reputations and livelihoods ruined? Can they help Alan Kramer, Jr., clear his father’s name before meeting the same tragic end? Follow a journey that starts with Benjamin Franklin as they crisscross the globe seeking answers they have no business finding.

Both the Templars and the Masons have long been objects of scrutiny and legend, and they continue to fascinate. I loved the weaving of history throughout this novel, but found the writing a bit clunky. The dialogue was solid, but I felt the narration could probably use more editing, particularly as there were some obvious typos and grammar. Still, the story itself is interesting, and the author makes no secret of weaving together real history and fiction, which is nice. Following the National Treasure and Da Vinci Code footsteps, The Templar Succession takes treasure hunting to historical proportions.

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