Danny Boyle and the UnderlandDanny Boyle and the Underland by William Graham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Danny has convinced his best friend, Chip, to explore the legend surrounding his town and find out for certain why houses keep being swallowed up by the earth. He wasn’t planning on his kid sister, Melinda, tagging along. When it turns out his crazy uncle’s old stories might have some grain of truth to them, and there are strange creatures in the caves, he has to fight for his life and that of his friends.

Danny Boyle and the Underland is a cute kid story, and feeds the imagination of middle school exploration and adventure. While the story is cute, the writing falls a little flat. The story moves a little too quickly and the character development is a bit thin. Still, it is a great read for a young reader just getting into a more in depth story, and might engage boys a bit more as an action adventure. I look forward to a little more character development as the series progresses.

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