Book Review: Eternal Horizon: The Chronicle of Vincent Saturn

The Chronicle of Vincent Saturn by David Roman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Vincent Saturn is bored with his life. He doesn’t have any attachments and his job is not fulfilling anymore. Then he and his partner are assigned to investigate an actual UFO, and although he is not supposed to do anything but look at it from the outside, he decides that it’s worth a look inside - when was he going to get this chance again? What he finds launches the aptly named Vince Saturn into an intergalactic mission to save aliens no human has never enountered in hopes of ultimately protecting Earth, which is yet uncharted for them.

Eternal Horizons is one of those books that I feel like is a good try, but broadcasts a definite reliance on established sci-fi structures - in this case quite heavily on Star Wars - and a desperate need for editing. The grammar and in particular, synonym and tense, is wildly off the necessary grasp of dialogue writing, with my personal pet peeve being the repeated use of the word “awe” as a verb, ie “he awed at its magnificence.” or “‘Amazing,’ Vincent awed.” If it was cleaned up a bit it would be ok, but I still think that the story would have to work hard to become it’s own rather than a mash up of other sci-fi stories. Still, if this is a first attempt there is much potential waiting to be realized.

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