Book Review: The Victor's Heritage

The Victor's Heritage by Anthony Caplan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Corrag is categorically unsatisfied with her choices in Democravia. She does not want to be put on the fast track to augmentation; the thought of her brain being accessible to the level of hierarchy it would be is unsettling. So she decides that a youth liaison to the Repho doesn’t sound so bad. What she doesn’t realize is the roller coaster she has just stepped on to will not stop until she comes full circle.

The Victor’s Heritage is the second in the Jonah Trilogy. The post apocalyptic thriller follows a teen character who I actually like, which is rare. She is thrown into an impossible situation and responds with fortitude and determination, and what most would consider quite a mature attitude for a teenager, although I certainly remember it from my own teenage years. While I would recommend reading the trilogy from the beginning, I did not find it hard to follow or requiring a large backstory to keep up, it was succinct while still compelling. If you enjoy post apocalyptic sci fi thrillers with characters that are both relatable and futuristic pick up this series.

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