Prizey Prizey

Well I'm happy to report that I think I have actually received everything I won! Shocking, I know. But I got the CD (which David has been listening to constantly - we moved the CD player into his room), the expensive shoes for this fall, the flag t-shirt - Brazil, btw - will be su re to take a pic of him in it and send to all my Brasilero friends - and my Mommy Needs Coffee shirt. And, I even got a prize I didn't know I had won, a set of two books from called Echoes From The Edge by Bryan Davis. They were autographed too. Pretty cool. You know I love me some ChriFi. Now if I could just dig up some time to read them.

Keep a look out on this blog and my Facebook page for pics of the cute kids, we had our meeting with the Our 365 lady today, and as usual they are all phenomenal. Having photogenic children is quite expensive, I must say.
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