Bring on Gordon!

Ok, I want Gordon Ramsay to come to STL. Seriously, watching his new show, Kitchen Nightmares, makes me afraid to ever eat at a restaurant again. Particularly a Mom and Pop joint, as all the restaurants on this show seem to be scary investment propositions with couples whose marriage has been destroyed by the restaurant. Apparently this means that it's ok to let roaches infest your kitchen, and not clean the stove for months on end. Now I love Gordon Ramsay, and I love the fact that his other show, Hell's Kitchen, has him as the sole judge. See, he actually knows what he's doing, so he tells the cooks what sucks and what doesn't. I like that in the age of nationwide vote-em-off over the internet. I also like that on Kitchen Nightmares at every single restaurant he orders crab cakes as the bellweather - kind of like I do with Pad Thai at all the mediocre Thai restaurants in STL. But apparently he doesn't leave New York or London. Doesn't he know that we need Midwestern restaurant critiques too?
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