It's Been a Long Time...

...since I was so angry that I cried. But it happened today. You know, I realize this is the holiday season, and that everyone is under stress, and particularly businesses are trying to deliver for the holidays. But one shop owner I dealt with today took my breath away with how rude she was. Here's the story. My little brother plays peewee hockey on a local team. For a fundraiser they contracted with this local florist , Ambrosia Flowers, for what I initially thought was a great offer. You pay $20 and get a bouquet every month for a year. It doesn't work for me because I don't live in the same town, but I was happy for my family. I've been puppy sitting for my parents this weekend so they could get away for a couple days, so I thought I would be nice and go pick up this month's arrangement, as they had been meaning to do it for like a week and were too busy. Well when I walked in the lady said they couldn't honor it because it was the week before Christmas, and pointed to the terms on the card. The terms read "Not valid for Six Days Before or on Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day and Christmas" Well I checked my date, and it is actually eight days before Christmas, so I asked them to honor it. The lady said we're not responsible for what was printed on the card, because we close on Friday so we count the week before that. I said well will they be able to get their Dec arrangement the week after Christmas then, and she said no, because we're closed until Jan 2. She said repeatedly they wouldn't honor it, so I left. As I was driving home stewing I decided to call and speak to the owner, which I did. She also refused to honor the card, citing the business of the holiday season and the terms on the card. I pointed out that the terms on the card made today a valid day, and that most people would not assume that "Christmas" actually meant "the Friday before Christmas." I asked her if she could substitute a different arrangement than was listed, and she said no, she had no flowers that weren't already set for delivery somewhere else. The only thing she would do was initial the card so that we could get the bouquet next Dec. I said thank you for that, but that I would be telling others who bought these that they would have to do that also and they would likely be unhappy. She said that was fine, because she shouldn't have to go into financial ruin for a charity fundraiser. I told her no one was trying to put her out of business, but we just wanted her to honor the terms on the card, that she must have okayed before they went out. I told her I was frustrated because this wasn't actually for me, I was just trying to do my parents a favor and felt like she was railroading my efforts. It was then she told me to "take a pill, lady." I couldn't believe it! The audacity took my breath away. I don't care how busy you are, or how bitchy the customer is being, you NEVER treat customers this way! I know it was for a good deal fundraiser, and I'm sure my parents have already received their money's worth in flowers, but that was absolutely uncalled for. I've worked retail during Christmas, I know what it's like. I also know I would never have been able to say that to someone without getting fired. Ever. So what do you do in this situation? I don't want to ruin my brother's fundraising next year, but on the other hand I certainly want her to know I won't ever shop there, and I plan on making sure lots of people know about how rude she is. She has a comment email address, and I'll write some online reviews on Yahoo and Google and the like. Seriously, if you ever need flowers don't go to this lady. Her flowers and arrangements are beautiful - and I give her credit for that, she does have flower arranging talent - but her personality and service are not worth the price.
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