That'll Teach Me

Ok, so I admit it, I was actually interested in football briefly. I have never liked football, probably b/c there was never any good football around when I was growing up. I lived thru the Mizzou football is a joke and bball was where it's at. I still love basketball, but I was really hoping that Mizzou would pull through last night. It would be so good for the college, for Columbia, for Missouri. But alas, my brief stint as a football fan is over. I always did think it was a somewhat ridiculous game, and it annoys me greatly that football gets so much more exposure than academics or even superior sports, such as volleyball :) So while I hope Mizzou gets a decent bowl game, I will not be watching intentionally. So I'm back to watching my little brother's JV basketball games, and will be enjoying every minute. Oh yeah - and go Blues!
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