Happy Birthday RDA!

And who is RDA? Why this is the affectionate nickname for Richard Dean Anderson in the Crepeau household. Richard. Dean. Anderson. (said w/ smokers husky Patti and Selma voices) Now I do not have many celebrity crushes. Even as a hormonal teenager, it was pretty much limited to Zack Morris, MacGyver and Captain Jean Luc Picard. I know, I have weird celebrity crushes when I have them, with the exception of Zack Morris. But seriously, RDA is something like 57 today, and he still looks good. Yes, Matt is ok with my RDA crush, as he is now a big RDA fan due to a little show called Stargate SG-1, of which my brother has graciously loaned us boxed sets of seasons 1-6. However Matt did not grow up with MacGyver, which I see as tantamount to child abusion (another Lukism) and will be remedied. Although Matt does have a healthy respect for duct tape, which is evidence of RDA's influence via MacGyver, whether he knew it or not. So in summary, happy birthday RDA, and here's hoping all the men in my life age as gracefully as you. Yes, that was blatant sucking up. Feel free to reward a loyal fan with a birthday present. :)
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