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So I'm officially a guest member of Sweet Genevieve's creative team for the month of Novemeber, which means I have access to lots of free product (whooo hooo!) and then the coordinating responsibility to create some layouts to show off her fabulous talent. So here's my first installment, and hopefully I'll have time to create lots more. So for those of you who remember savoring every last bit of Michigan fall before the horrendous winters, here's the journaling:
I would be the first to tell you how much I hated Michigan weather. I especially despised Michigan winters, and the constant temperature changes (although really I was used to them.) But really, there is something about autumn in the state; it comes on suddenly with trees just sprouting color. Plus, there was the anticipation of returning to campus, because I loved my friends and my education at Hillsdale. So this time of year there is always a bit of nostalgia for me as I remember falling for Hillsdale despite myself. And of course I remember falling in love at Hillsdale, which, coincidentally, was also in the fall.

And for those of you wondering how I did in the Bloggy Giveaways, well there were over 1400 giveaways (no I did not enter them all but did some serious damage) but so far - nothing. Maybe that will change, but I don't seem to have a lot of luck with them, even when I do win. Sigh. Was hoping to win some Christmas presents, but I guess I'll have to break down and pay for things. I hate that.
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