Winnings Lately

So I actually have won a couple contests recently, and I should give them a shout out. First was something for David, but probably not until he's a little older. I won a t-shirt that you can color in the picture, and then it washes out so you can recolor it before wearing. David's not into coloring yet, so I got a larger size, because I'm sure this will be way cool pretty soon. The shirt is from Color in Kids, and we got the Race Car one. I won this off a blog, but I can't find the email so I can't remember which blog contest it was (I enter LOTS) but when I find it, I will properly credit, I promise.

The second thing I won recently was subsequently gifted to my mom. I *think* I won it off the In Touch magazine contests, but I'm not positive about that. Anyway, it's from Freeze 24-7, and it's the Freeze & Go Instant Smoother and Brightener. I'll let you know what mom thinks of it, but I thought the red packaging stuff was super cool looking.

I think it's cool that I'm finally starting to win some stuff. It seems like I entered contests for so long without getting anything, and while I didn't win all my Christmas presents, it's a goal to shoot for :)
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