Yay - I won some more!

Some of the contests I entered didn't close until recently, so I have won some more! However a sad note, the adorable little shoes I won from Happy Chickadee are too small for Rachelle. Yes, she inherited her mommy's long toes. This made me sad, as they are every bit as cute as their picture. Never fear, some lucky little girl will receive them. In fact, I think I know just the lucky little girl...

Anyway, here's the tally so far continued from the previous post.

First, unrelated to the Bloggy Giveaways but a blog contest entered previously, I won a kid's flag tee-shirt from Whimsical Walney. The giveaway was hosted by Crystal at Kid Buy Products (ha ha, get it?). I haven't received it yet, and am not sure which flag will be on it (I gave her my top 3) but hey, a little patriotism never hurt any kid, right?

Ok, related to Bloggy Giveaways, I won a couple of shirts for me! Yay for me! The first one I received today - so I know the address I'm giving out is right for sure! This one is the Millionaire Club t-shirt and an Old Navy gift card from Happy Panda. The giveaway was hosted by Pamela at the PMKU blog. While I don't think the agency will make me a million, I do hope we do really well, and yes, I do enjoy getting paid for the work I do. I'm a greedy capitalist, after all.

Second t-shirt (that I just found out about today) is super appropriate given the lack of sleep with a newborn. I won a Mommy Needs Coffee shirt from Zoey's Attic. The giveaway was hosted by Erin at Zoey's Attic. She has a load of super cute maternity/new mommy wear, so for all my preggo friends (of whom there are many) go check it out! And I just found out Erin is local to my area! That is even cooler.

Third thing I've won is for David - he's making out pretty well on this one. I won him some super cute shoes from Eleven Shoes, related to See Kai Run. This one was hosted by Jenn at One House School Room. I picked the James shoes for David for this fall; I think these are so cute and classy for little boys!

So thanks to Bloggy Giveaways for boosting my entering mojo and getting me such cool stuff!
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