Yay - I won some stuff!

You know how I like to win contests. And the Bloggy Giveaways have hundreds of contests to win all in a single week However I'm aware that there are sooooo many people entering that my chances are slim. This makes a win that much more fulfilling!

First, is not a win from the current Bloggy Giveaways, but from a company who I discovered at the last Bloggy Giveaway - Happy Chickadee. I subscribed to their newsletter and entered a contest listed in that. Look what cute little shoes I won for Rachelle!

Aren't they adorable!!!!

Ok, on to the actual Bloggy Giveaways. First, a disclaimer, as you remember I won several giveaways a few months ago, and most did not reach me. I don't know if people screwed up the address or what, but the fact that I got one of them but not the rest leads me to believe it was sender error. So pay attention to the zip code number order, I realize there are a lot of 3's but I know you can do it!

From Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments I won a Bible Songs CD - appropriately about King David! I'm so excited that my David will hear all these songs with his name in them, and hopefully understand just how special he is and that God has great things for him too.

Next, I won a book from Kimberly at Mom in the City. The book is Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be by Glade B. Curtis, M.D., M.P.H. and Judith Schuler, M.S, the authors of the best-selling book, Your Pregnancy™ Week by Week. It's slightly ironic that Rachelle is only just now 6 weeks old, but I'm still interested to read it (and have Matt read it) and if I think it's good and informative pass it along to friends and family who are expecting - and there are many. I do think it's nice to have a pregnancy book for the daddies, since just about everything out there is all about mommy.

I also won another book from Shannon at Gabi's World - Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. I'm really excited to read this one, because I've heard so much about Dave Ramsey, and particularly given the state of the economy it's important to make sure your finances are in order. Also, I'm just a cheap person, and want to know that I'm doing everything I can to save money and take care of my family.

For all I know there could be some more good news coming, since not all the giveaways are closed. I sure hope so! But for now, thanks to all the generous bloggers out there (and the unbiased random number pickers like random.org!) who selected me from hundreds of other blog comments. I promise to make good use of my winnings, and, when appropriate, pass them along for others to benefit from as well. Thanks again!

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