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Ok, so I've decided to do something about my little cleaning hiccup. Maybe. As you know, I am not the best housekeeper. In fact, I'm a pretty terrible housekeeper. Granted, I have two very high maintenance children who cannot be more than 2 feet away from me at all times, which makes it difficult to do normal things like: unload the dishwasher (too much "help" and attempts to crawl into the dishwasher), vacuum the floor (way too loud, although we're getting better at this), use any spray bottle or chemical of any kind (goes right in the mouth and possibly sprayed in the eyes if I'm not quick enough on the draw) and God forbid I cook anything that involves knives or heat. So I checked out the FlyLady website, as I'd heard good things about it, and I do like the style - little bits at a time keep it all more manageable. I also figured I'd be more inclined to follow a housekeeping plan that I did not create, as I'm pretty good at justifying and talking myself out of things.
So the first thing to do is clean your sink. Just to feel a sense of accomplishment and have one shiny thing to inspire you. Yeah, right. As you can see, I have a clean sink. I followed the steps on the website - excellent sink cleaning tutorial, don't get me wrong - and yet still, I feel like a housekeeping failure. I left my daughter screaming in her crib for this? You'll note the sink is not shiny, except for the hardware at the top. Reason: the soft water spigot is brand-spanking new. YAY! The faucet is just not brushed metal, like the sink, and also has a nasty little spigot that I hate because it doesn't match and looks ugly. So they shine, the sink doesn't, making it look even worse. You'll also note that despite my best efforts, Windex still streaks on a stainless steel sink. Again, I do have some unusual limitations beyond my control, like the ridiculously designed window ledge RIGHT ABOVE MY FAUCET which makes it nearly impossible to get back there and clean with hands larger than a four year old, even using dental floss. My whole house is designed this way, if you're curious to know why I hate cleaning besides my general deal of being more of a cook than a cleaner. You'll also notice that I had to light a candle when I was done, partly to mourn my own ineptitude, and partly because I still hate the stench of clean.
So we'll see if the FlyLady can help even me. I won't blame you if you put money on not. But I will try, and if you come over to my house, yes you'll have to step over the shoes in front of the stairs and avoid the broken spindle in the railing, but you'll know that anything I cooked was made in a clean sink. Despite all evidence to the contrary.
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