Big winnings

I'm very excited about my newest score in the in online winnings dept. There's a blog called Leslie Loves Veggies that routinely has multiple giveaways going on all the time. Not sure how Leslie keeps up with it, but I'm sure happy she does! It's one of those blogs that always has upwards of 300 comments on each post because everyone wants to be a winner, so while I do enter periodically I never think I have a chance of winning, given the number of entries. But guess what - I WON! And I won a big one too - well big for our family anyway. We've been considering getting David a bike, since he does so well with the big wheels and tricycles that he plays with at home and at grandmas. Now those of you with small children know that while bikes are great, they are expensive, and particularly when kids are little and growing fast it's hard to keep up with a lot of expensive toys and equipment. That's why I'm so excited to win a Glide Bike! We're getting David a Mini Glider, intended for kids age 2-5. I figure since he's a little small for his age he'll last a couple of years on it, which is when Rachelle will take over, and then new baby. Guess we'll see how sturdy these things really are! It's a big deal for us to win something this nice and this functional for our kids, and it's one less Christmas present I have to buy! Although given his recent behavior, I'm not sure he really deserves it. See pics below to see what I woke up to yesterday morning. Still can't get the stains out. Guess we'll have stained carpet until we can afford to replace it. Anyone know of a good contest for laminate flooring?
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