Admitting Etiquette Defeat

Yep, I’m calling it. Daniel is officially 2 months old and I have yet to send Thank You cards, so the raw truth is – they’re not getting sent. Instead I sent a heartfelt email which I’ve copied below just in case I missed someone. Which, given my recent mommy brain issues, is almost a certainty. I have to assume that most mommies who have more than one child will identify with me privately, even if they are obligated to publicly flog my laziness and presumption. I assure you, if I got such an email I would be impressed and feel loved. I also assure you, that if in the highly unlikely event there are additional Ehlen children (which God would have to pretty much throw into my lap) their thank you notes will likely consist of a Facebook status or worse, a tweet. For those of you who know my life and my children and are wondering how I even got the email or this post accomplished, let me assure you that the sink was full of dirty dishes, the laundry was not done, David was at school, Rachelle was asleep, and Daniel was either screaming his head off in the swing while I ignored him (blog post) or I was typing one-handed while nursing (email and digiscrapped announcement). For those of you who know scrapping – yes, it’s a freebie quick page that I downloaded today off a blog hop. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Text of the email: I have been quite remiss in sending out Thank You cards for all the lovely gifts and meals we received around the time of Daniel's birth, and I apologize sincerely for that. You all have been so generous with your time, cooking skills and gifts for Daniel and the whole family. While I will not make excuses for my lateness or informality I will say that several times I sat down to write or print an announcement and several times I was called away by one child or another (usually the newest). So everyone pretend that this is a handwritten Thank You card with an attached announcement and picture of Daniel with/clothed in the gift you gave or the family gratefully sitting down to eat the meal you provided. Please know that while the format is probably unacceptable per Emily Post and Dear Abby, the thanks is sincere and we really appreciate you celebrating our beautiful baby boy with us.
Matt, Ebie, David, Rachelle and

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