Want to Promote yourself through the St. Charles Young Republican Campaign School?

Yep, shameless plug. It's my job to collect sponsorships, promotional items, door prizes, etc. for the St. Charles Young Republican Campaign School coming up this Nov. Well it's the whole board's job really, but I did a lot of it last time so I'm trying to outdo myself this time. Because I'm competitive that way, it's something I've learned to accept and embrace. Anyway, if you want to promote your business (or yourself or your mom or whoever) you are welcome to put promo items in our swag bag that goes out to all the students, donate an item or service to be given as a door prize, or sponsor some item (such as the bag itself, folders for the attendees, a room, a meal, etc - really we'll sell anything) which can have your message or logo on it or for the more intangible items a mention in the program and a lavish thanks bellowed at the meal or wherever. For the bags, I would really love to have something that helps the students, ie pens, pads of paper, folders, candy, lip balm, etc. however being the greedy capitalist that I am I will take anything. Obviously if you own a car dealership and want to put a key chain in that makes a lot of sense, and as Republicans we're all about business. So give me whatever you think helps, just be sure to get it to me before Nov 1.
Also, duh, if you're interested and would like to participate the go to the website and sign up. You don't have to be a candidate, working for a candidate or even a voter, but if you're interested in doing so or just want to learn more about how the art of campaigns works then by all means, come and ask questions you're too uncomfortable voicing amongst the general public. If you have missed the links in this post, there's a cool little blog button on the right that will take you to the website with just a little clicky. For those interested in the St. Charles Young Republicans, we have a meeting on Thurs, July 21, 2011, at the Culpeppers in O'Fallon. This one features candidates for the 2nd Congressional District Ed Martin and Ann Wagner, who are both trying to replace Todd Akin who is now running for US Senate (go Todd!). We'd love to see you there, whether you're young, think you're still young, or young at heart.
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