Book Review: Close Your Eyes, Sweet Angel

Close Your Eyes, Sweet AngelClose Your Eyes, Sweet Angel by M.J. Winn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Close Your Eyes, Sweet Angel by M.J. Winn is a short story about a prostitute in the big city who keeps running into a child - at her “club,” in the stairwell of her apartment, and even somehow in her bedroom. She struggles to figure out why a child would keep turning up unexpectedly and who in the world would let their child into a strip club?

WARNING: There is sexual content in this book. It was well written and very descriptive but is not for those who don’t want to know about the life of a prostitute. I have to admit just reading the first few pages took my breath away with the description of how main character Chandra endured her job. Clearly Winn has talent as an author and I could see this in an anthology/compilation of character snippets or back story in a larger novel too, although this story stands just fine on its own. It’s one of those stories where you kind of have the ending figured out but not exactly, until it’s revealed at the end and you can’t remember when it hit you but it all makes sense and is breathtakingly sad.

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