Book Review: Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot - Book 1Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot - Book 1 by Randa Handler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot is a children’s story about a magical smurfish creature named Cobalt, and his dog, Dot. They inhabit one of the icebergs of Antarctica, called Cylon, in the land of Baltar (Battlestar Galactica homage perhaps?) Cobalt receives a gift for his birthday that transports him to the “real” world, where he is stuck. Fortunately he befriends three seven year old boys who care for him as he tries to make his way home, and nick name him “Cubbie Blue” because of his blue skin and small stature.

While a cute story for kids, I was somewhat put off by the illustrations, use of Papyrus font on the cover (personal pet peeve) and the abrupt end. I think that this is supposed to be book one in a series, and something at the end - a sort of “tune in next time” - would have helped segway rather than just simply stating, he is waiting for his chance to get back home. The End. However, I do think that this could be a great series for young readers, as Cubbie Blue and Dot could have lots of adventures. I plan to read it with my 7 year old and see what he thinks of it.

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