Book Review: FreeFormed Hybrids

FreeFormed HybridsFreeFormed Hybrids by Joe Vizanko
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First question - would someone from “outer space” actually randomly tell a person that he is going to prove to you he is “from outer space?” Sorry, that kinda bugged me. Anyway, FreeFormed Hybrids, by Joe Vizanko, starts out with an introduction of a humanoid alien, Joe, announcing his presence to his work buddy, Steve, via Mars rover. What begins as an assumption of first contact spins into a story about where we came from, why English is understood on most of the other human colonies, and how our brains got their double lobe. Most fascinating is that most other humans are “dampened” whereas Earthlings are “freeformed,” meaning our emotional centers have evolved into the fun-loving but highly volatile creatures we are today. Other humans have been altered because of the fear of emotion by our creators. Interestingly, dampened humans are not as intelligent as the average free-formed human, putting Earth at a distinct advantage by this point in our evolution. Rather than encountering a group of highly intelligent but emotionless aliens bent on conquering us, they need our help, which I thought was a nice twist on your usual takeover the planet sci-fi scenario.

I really enjoyed the plot of this book, but some of the grammar/editing mistakes made me annoyed, as they were not constant but present enough to be distracting. However if you are fan of sci-fi this will really catch your attention and looking forward to the rest of the series, particularly what happens to Earth’s position in the universe.

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