Book Review: Wantin

WantinWantin by Truth Devour
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Wantin, by Truth Devour (please tell me this is a pen name), is the first in a series detailing the life of Talia Parker, a young heiress who lost her parents tragically at the age of 6 and grew up in the care of her aunt and uncle in Australia. At the age of 21 her aunt and uncle give Talia her parents’ will (per their instructions in it) and she discovers that she is independently wealthy and immediately starts to travel. She travels to discover her past, travels to discover her present need for love, and travels to shape her future.

Along the way she meets many lovers (there is sexual description in the book) but none satisfies like the one she can never have. Much of her travel is her running from this unrequited love, and through it she discovers much about herself. I was impressed with the description of her emotional state, as well as the description of the other focus character’s, Brad. However because she goes through a string of lovers and rejects them all summarily she does come across as a bit cold and callous, rather than just searching. She has had tragedy in her life with the death of her parents at a young age, but after that grew up in a warm and loving household, so this shrugging off of other people’s emotions does not flatter her. I appreciate that she is not perfect, but this did seem a little off for the character to me.

Other than that it was well written and I enjoyed the globe-trotting in the book, since I am not an independently wealthy heiress myself. However, I hope the future books in the series give Talia something - someone - to settle down for, or at least a reason to stop running.

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