Book Review: The Electric Affinities

I got the distinct impression a lot of drugs were done during the writing of this book. As I was not alive during the 60’s and 70’s I can only assume this was not uncommon based on the history books, but wow, it must be nice to have lots of money to buy lots of drugs to help you ponder the meaning of life and be able to get it wrong so many times and start over. Honestly, it was a well written and fabulously descriptive in its characters, particularly in their unstable emotional states, but I just found myself really not rooting for anybody. The book kind of answered the question nobody asked, at least nobody who is not completely preoccupied with their own internal turmoil. And really who has time for that? A story just as good and only a paragraph long was the Preface, about how the author found the notes for the book in a long lost cave in Paris. I actually thought that was more esoteric and fateful than the “resolution” of the Robert and Maya story. Still, if you are looking to get your groove on, this is the book for you.
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