Book Review: Emerge

Emerge by C.D. Verhoff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when the Earth is simultaneously hit by a plague and attacked by aliens? Well obviously you mutate and go underground. But what happens then when you have no choice but to ascend to the surface once again? Emerge is a futuristic tale of a group of people who assumed they would live out their lives in an underground bunker only to be catapulted to the surface, and led out to find their new home Exodus style.

I loved the Biblical imagery and the sci-fi/fantasy plot. I think it will make a great series, as this is the introductory book. I was a little annoyed by the organization of the story as it was not linear but the flash backs weren’t very well defined either, although by the end of it I had a pretty good grasp of the history of the culture as well as the current state. I was also a little annoyed by the introduction to each character’s voice with the use of the parenthetical (insert character name here) because it’s pretty easy to introduce that in the story itself, and not uncommon to show different points of view in the genre. However, I thought it was a really interesting story and am really looking forward to the series.

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