Book Review: Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution

Future Prometheus: Emergence & EvolutionFuture Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution by J M Erickson
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What happens when a disease wipes out most adult males’ higher level emotional function? Future Prometheus, by J.M. Erickson, explores one of the few men left capable of meaningful social interaction, ironically due to his position on the autistic spectrum. While men are driven out and women take over civilization, he is continues his experiments with stasis, eventually achieving success with some longer term. He is assisted by robots who are becoming increasingly sentient, and thus he is able to streamline his interactions while still trying to salvage some vestige of humanity.

This sci-fi combines several classic elements, a disease that targets a sector of the population and runs rampant, robotics/cyborgs taking steps toward sapience, and an unlikely hero thrust in a position of savior because of an otherwise weakness. I like that autism is shown in a positive light given that the current rates are skyrocketing, it’s refreshing to see an autistic hero. A word about format - I read this in the Kindle format and it was a little messed up, almost double spaced, which made it difficult to follow but it was a really compelling story. I hope to see more.

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