Book Review: If I Were King

If I Were King by Randa Handler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read If I Were King aloud to my 3 and 5 year old, as the audience suggested was preschooler/prereader. It’s a cute story about a zebra who plays a game with other jungle animals to pretend to be in each others shoes, and the second part is the zebra discovering herself. My 3 year old lost interest about half way through, so I think actually I would up the audience slightly to more like 5-7 year olds. The 3 year old just kind of said yay, jungle animals like at the zoo! The 5 year old was more into it, but still did not quite grasp everything. That being said, I loved the premise of the book, which was teaching children how to put themselves in other people’s shoes, as well as figuring out who they were as a person. Using animals is always a good vehicle for this I think, because children can grasp differences in animals far more easily than other people. I think I would have liked more illustrations throughout for the kiddos, but it’s a cute story to help teach kids more about how to think outside themselves a little.

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