Book Review: The Maynwarings

The MaynwaringsThe Maynwarings by Digger Cartwright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Intrigue, politics, and a good old-fashioned showdown in the Old West is what you will find in The Maynwarings, by Digger Cartwright. If you are a fan  of Westerns in general this has the gunslinging and the morals, as well as some interesting, if more modern, twists like the first female attorney in the country and anti-gambling legislation in Nevada. And unlike your white hat/black hat spaghetti westerns, the good guy isn’t always the winner.

I was really impressed with the character development, and there was a full cast of characters. The book follows the Maynwaring family, the patriarch Barron and his wife Eleanor and their four grown children - Breckenridge, Mary Catherine, Houston and Stokes. He has the distinction of being the first US Senator from the newly formed state of Nevada, and is an influential and generally well liked businessman and landowner in Carson City. When a sneaky newcomer starts buying up property any way he can Barron and family investigates and does not like what may be coming to town, especially when townsfolk start dying under mysterious circumstances. While this book certainly wasn’t perfect - the grammar police in me caught a few annoying errors - I loved the plot and story development. It seems there might be a series in store for the Maynwarings and I look forward to seeing how the family handles the new threat to their town.

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