Book Review: RSD in Me!

RSD in Me! (A Patient And Caretaker Guide To Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy And Other Chronic Pain Conditions)RSD in Me! by Barby Ingle
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I had never heard of RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) before I read this book, although I have friends with Fibromyalgia, which sounds similar as far as managing constant pain and coming up with strategies to manage daily life with a chronic condition. RSD is a chronic pain condition generally brought on by trauma or injury, and is characterized by a burning sensation in various parts of the sympathetic nervous system.

As a social worker I really appreciate the general tone of this book of being your own advocate and being hopeful about a positive outcome. One of the main things I do is help clients taking control of their future and advocating for their own needs and future, and author Barby Ingle-Taylor does an excellent job of encouraging chronic pain patients to effectively navigate the stages of grief while maintaining a positive outlook on life. She advocates using faith, psychotherapy and associated techniques, and a support network of family and friends to work with you through even the darkest of times. Not only that, she provides practical advice on dealing with the financial issues, medical insurance, government assistance and many more general life tips. I love that she empowers those with disabilities to regard their life as important, meaningful and fulfilling. I hope to see more from her about chronic pain management, particularly with “alternative” therapies that may provide relief.

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