Book Review: An Unspoken Compromise

An Unspoken CompromiseAn Unspoken Compromise by Rizi Xavier Timane
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I had not heard of Rizi Timane or his ministry prior to reading this book, and I am very interested to learn more. This is part memoir, part treatise, of a woman who believes she was actually born a man, and the journey she took to become he. It is a fascinating and honest account, and I appreciate that not all of the interactions or endings were portrayed happily. I think people need to know exactly how difficult it is, particularly when you add the element of faith, as Rizi is a practicing Christian, or as he puts it, a “Jesusian.”

As a Christian, reading this book is challenging. I have always been one to point out the flaws of humanity when practicing their faith (Crusades, anyone?), and although I do not know if I agree entirely with his interpretation of Scripture I love hearing interpretations other than my own. I also appreciate honest debate, and particularly that Rizi takes his own medicine, so to speak. Rather than condemning all Christians for their beliefs about homosexuality or transgender issues, he points out that if he preaches that we must accept everyone and allow them grace to believe what they want to believe, that also translates to those who disagree with the very core of his beliefs. I run into a lot of very tolerant people who instantly become the most intolerant tolerant people you have ever met if you disagree with them, and he strikes me as not one of those people. Fascinating read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in exploring the intersection of faith with LGBT issues.

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