Book Review: Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes: The Scribing of IshitarAshes to Ashes: The Scribing of Ishitar by Carrie F. Shepherd
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In the second book of the Scribing of Ishitar series, author Carrie Shepherd continues the dialogue between Azrael and Charlie, a blind human of the modern age. Azrael gives him some more scrolls, which are coveted by unknown benefactor Joshua, and tells him the story of the next war, this time between mortals, specifically the elves and the vampires. Particular attention is paid to the first elf ever created, as it falls to him to lead his kind.

This book is an epic fantasy, and as such there are a lot of details to keep track of. It is an interesting story, made more so by the inclusions of gods and stories that we are generally familiar with from human mythology, such as Loki. She describes the battles and the lovers well, but I still found myself getting a little lost in all the intrigue among the characters. FYI, if you have not read the first book I highly recommend you do, as it will help keep everyone straight and give a back story. However, if you don’t this story does stand on its own as a tale of a mortal war with obnoxious divine meddling. If I was to make a suggestion, I would have really appreciated a glossary or cast of characters for reference. However it is still a good read, especially if you are into epic journeys with a twist of mystery.

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